Here, you'll find a list of all my published titles. You can read them in any order, they're all stand alone stories.

Louisa Heaton, Their Double Baby Gift, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance
Their Double Baby Gift (July's Book of the month! @Mills and Boon)


Can two and two – really make four?


Widower Major Matt Galloway came to London Grace Hospital for his tiny daughter. But he finds himself facing a barrel of emotions on meeting beautiful Dr Brooke Bailey—his late wife’s best friend and single mum to her own baby girl.


Brooke can’t believe Matt is her new boss. But the feelings she has for him are even more troublesome. Brooke swore to raise her baby alone, but loving father Matt melts her heart and Brooke starts to hope…could they really make one big happy family, after all?

Louisa Heaton, One Life-Changing Night, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance
One Life-Changing Night


A kiss to mean for ever?


For A&E nurse Naomi Bloom, a handsome man only spells bad news. So when she’s forced to move in with her gorgeous new boss, Dr Tom Williams, she is certain he’s strictly off-limits!


Tom swore he’d never love again after losing his wife. But Naomi’s presence is a breath of fresh air and Tom finds his long-held vow challenged. Will he be ready to embrace the risk when one kiss leads to a night these two will never forget?

Louisa Heaton, Seven Nighs With Her Ex, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance
Seven Nights With Her Ex (RoNA Finalist!)


One week to win her back!


For neurologist Beau Judd, a medical survival course in Yellowstone Park is her chance to experience something completely different. But her trip half-way around the world only brings her closer to her past—the man who left her at the altar!


Twelve years ago Dr Gray McGregor made the most difficult decision of his life. Now, brought back together with Beau as they head into the wild, he realises what a mistake it was. Can he win back the woman he loves in just seven days?

Louisa Heaton, A Father This Christmas?, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance
A Father This Christmas?


Her three-year-old baby secret…


Dr Eva Corday never expected to see Jacob Dolan ever again – especially not working as the new doctor in her A&E department! Four years ago they shared a scorching, unforgettable night together, but the next morning Jacob disappeared, taking her heart with him…


Now he’s back, Jacob’s more irresistible than ever – and it’s clear the same chemistry sizzles between them. Yet this Christmas Eva has to protect more than her own heart and must reveal the secret she’s kept hidden for so long – their adorable three-year-old son, Seb!

Louisa Heaton, Christmas With The Single Dad, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance

Christmas With The Single Dad

ISBN  9781474037808

A family for Christmas!

Veterinary surgeon Sydney Harper has avoided the festive season since she experienced a heartbreaking loss. But this year the gorgeous new doctor in town tempts her to step out of the darkness and into the Christmas lights!

Nathan Jones’s little girl Anna is everything to him, since his life-changing diagnosis left them alone in the world. Yet spending time with Sydney makes Nathan long to mend their broken hearts and to welcome her into his family—not just for Christmas, but for ever!

Louisa Heaton, His Perfect Bride?, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance

His Perfect Bride?

ISBN 9781474004466

Love where he least expects it… 

GP Oliver James knows exactly what his ‘perfect bride’ should be like – and vibrant, unconventional new locum Lula Chance is the total opposite! Yet there’s something about beautiful Lula and the heartbreak in her eyes that intrigues him…

Lula’s determined not to be distracted by brooding bachelor Oliver… no matter how gorgeous he is. She’s arrived in Atlee Wold hoping to find her mother! But it’s only a matter of time before she gives in to the inevitable…

Perhaps Lula might just be Oliver’s perfect bride after all?

Louisa Heaton, The Baby That Changed Her Life, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance

The Baby That Changed Her Life

ISBN 978147400428

‘You’re pregnant.’

When midwife Callie Taylor agreed to be the surrogate mother for her best friend Dr Lucas Gold she couldn’t have predicted that his marriage would fall apart exactly when she became pregnant with his child…


Suddenly her life has changed for ever, and Callie’s terrified of becoming a mum to the baby she never dreamed of keeping. Even more terrifying are the feelings she’s starting to develop for Lucas – feelings that have nothing to do with her hormones… and absolutely everything to do with his scorching kiss!

Louisa Heaton, Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance

Reunited by Their Pregnancy Surprise

ISBN 9781474051453

Reclaiming his wife…and his baby

Obstetrician Sam Saint wakes in hospital after an accident to find he doesn’t remember the last eighteen months. The beautiful woman by his bedside is in fact his wife…and she’s pregnant!

Midwife Emily never thought her husband would want the child she longs for. But now she’s expecting his baby, she’s determined to fight for their marriage. And as they rediscover each other, Emily and Sam find themselves making new memories—ones they’ll both treasure, for ever!

Lousa Heaton, Pregnant With His Royal Twins, Mills and Boon, medical romance, romance

Pregnant With His Royal Twins

ISBN 9781335663221

Midwife Freya MacFadden has stuck to nightshifts since she was injured in an acid attack. But a hospital costume ball offers her the chance to hide her scars, and, lost in the moment, she seizes a passionate encounter with a handsome stranger, leaving her pregnant ... with his twins!

Desert prince Jameel Al Bakhari fought hard for his medical career, far from his kingdom of Majidar. And he'll fight for kind and courageous Freya and their babies, too!

But first, he must show her how beautiful she really is!

Louisa Heaton, A Child To Heal Them

A Child To Heal Them

Might saving a little girl…

…help mend their broken hearts?

When ex-doctor Tasha Kincaid escaped to Africa to teach, haunted by the loss of a young patient, she never expected to find now-widowed Quinn Shapiro—the doctor who once broke her heart. But a pupil is sick, and she needs his help! As they care for little Abeje, Tasha finds herself falling for Quinn again—could healing this child help them embrace a future together?

Saving The Single Dad Doc

Dare she dream of a future…

With Cameron and his little girl?

Returning to her Scottish hometown, GP Bethan Monroe has no idea the handsome single father she’s replacing, Dr. Cameron Brodie, hides a serious illness. Bethan’s healing from her own heartache, but the gorgeous doc and his young daughter bring light back into her life. Does she have the courage to give them her heart and grasp the happiness life still has in store?

Their Unexpected Babies, Louisa Heaton, book

Their Unexpected Babies

From irresistible attraction…


To ready-made family!


After her best friend agrees to be her surrogate, Dr Leah Hudson’s dream of being a mum is finally coming true! But throwing caution to the wind for one night with sexy Dr Ben Willoughby has shocking consequences… Leah’s pregnant! Now, with two babies depending on her, Leah must push her feelings for committed bachelor Ben aside—unless he proves that Leah and the babies can depend on him.

PBTSDD pic.jpg

The Prince's Cinderella Doc

The Prince’s Cinderella Doc


Could she heal his guarded heart?


When Dr Krystiana’s left homeless, her temporary employer Crown Prince Matteo offers her a room at the palace! Pulled into Matteo’s life by his fun-loving young daughter, will sharing their passions and secrets lead to true love?

Pregnant By The Single Dad Doc

Working with her ex…


…leads to unexpected consequences!


Turning her life around after a crushing loss, medical student Ellie Jones is shocked to discover her new mentor is Dr Logan Riley—who broke her heart years earlier!


Single dad Logan’s hands are full raising his autistic daughter, but Ellie finds herself more drawn to him than ever. And when the family losses they’ve both experienced bring them closer, reigniting their old flame, it leads to an unplanned surprise…

The Icelandic Doc's Baby Surprise

Their passionate fling…


Has given them a gift to last a lifetime!


When pediatrician Merry Bell turns up at his hospital in Iceland, Dr. Kristjan Gunnarrson’s quiet Christmas is shaken up. After a hot fling together in Hawaii, they both agreed to walk away. But now Merry has brought him life-changing news – she’s pregnant!


Commitment phobic Kristjan will not waver from his responsibility, but is his bruised heart ready for a family?

Risking Her Heart on the Trauma Doc

Can two love-weary doctors…

…heal each other?


Dr. Jess Young plans to use her time on the small Scottish island of Thorney to figure out how she can rebuild her shattered life, after a recent blow that has stolen the future she dreamed of. Only Dr. Adam Campbell is a complication she didn’t expect! Handsome but hurting too, Jess sees a kindred spirit in Adam. Will he heal her already fragile heart…