Can anyone write for Mills and Boon?

Yes. Writers with or without agents can write for Mills and Boon. There are many lines (imprints) for you to choose from, so best to check out their website to see the guidelines for each line. There are details at or or you could also check out the website, So You Think You Can Write?

Do you recommend any books on how to write?

There are loads! The one I used before getting published was Kate Walker's 12 point Guide to Writing Romance, but there are many others and there's no substitute at all for reading the latest books published in the line you're aiming for.

What can I do to stand out from the submission pile?

Be professional. Do what they ask for. If they ask for a synopsis and three sample chapters then send that. Don't send the whole thing at once. Don't wrap it in silky pink ribbons. Don't constantly harass the editors to see if they've read it yet! 12-18 weeks is the usual waiting time, so feel free to send one email after this time to see if they've had a chance to look it over but during that, continue to write, so that when they ask to see the rest, it's ready. Or done. Or you can tell them about the next book you're working on, if they ask to see that. You will present as a professional who takes themselves seriously.

Will you read my manuscript?

I run a chapter critique service, where I will assess the first chapter of your story. See CRITIQUES for full details.

What's your writing routine?

I start writing in the morning, after I've had breakfast, got the kids off to college/school and have walked the dog. It's usually about 9am. I write till lunchtime and have a bite to eat. If I've achieved my word count, I'll dabble with social media, check my website, update PLR, fill in the AFS (Art Fact Sheet - information used to create the cover) that kind of thing and write down ideas for future scenes/tweak the Black Moment. If I'm doing edits/revisions, i try to keep to the same schedule and tackle one chapter a day, maybe two, if it's going really well.

Can I get a signed copy of one of your books?

Yes, you can! Email me with your address and who you'd like the book dedicated to and once I've received payment for the book and P&P through Paypal, I shall get it sent off to you straight away!


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